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Graduation Fashion Show 2010

The Klerksdorp Recreation Centre came to standstill on 6 November 2010, when the graduating class of 2009&2010, presented their Graduation Fashion Show. This was covered in the local newspaper, the Klerksdorp Record, Your City and other media publications including, the Platinum Living Magazine.

The theme for the fashion show was: “Decades”
The winners for the evening was:

• Althea van der Linde – Designer of the Year 2010,
• Mothusi Dingalo – 2nd Year Showstopper,
• Abe van Deventer, Primrose Seagisho and Nonhlanhla Ngwenya – Best Team 2010,
• Hendrik le Roux – 1st Year Showstopper
• Ilze Delport – 1st Year Guest Designer 2010

Althea van der Linde – Designer of the Year 2010

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Mothusi Dingalo – 2nd Year Showstopper

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Abe van Deventer, Primrose Seagisho and Nonhlanhla Ngwenya – Best Team 2010

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Hendrik le Roux – 1st Year Showstopper

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Stiena Hoffmann(First Dress) & Ilze Delport(Second Dress) – 1st Year Guest Designer 2010

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Yolande Maree – Foschini Fashion Design Awards

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Riana Engela – Highest Achiever Award

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Vodacom Durban July Semi Finalists
Yolande Maree Vukani Finalist


Ofelia Andrade
Stiena Hoffmann


Yolande Maree – Vukani Finalist

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Anke van Zweel

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Joani Pieterse

[gdl_gallery title=”joani_pieterse” width=”300″ height=”200″]

Maryke du Preez

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Mothusi Dingalo

[gdl_gallery title=”mothusi_dingalo” width=”300″ height=”200″]

Nadine Roodt

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Ofelia Andrade

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Wanda Botha

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Yolande Maree

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Part Time Fashion

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1st Year Range

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