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fashion design

How to Apply at NWSD

Full Time Fashion Design Course

NWSD knows how confusing the application process can be. Everything you need to know about how to apply at NWSD here.

So you’re dreaming about a career in fashion design? All the information you need to know about NWSD’s Fashion Design course here.

fashion comm and buying
nwsd fashion tv

Full Time Fashion Buying & Comm Course

NWSD Fashion TV

All the Information you need to know about NWSD’s Fashion Buying & Comm full time course, If you love Fashion and want a career in fashion but not necessarily the designing thereof this course if for you.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel NWSD Fashion TV and keep up to date with all the latest NWSD Videos, including all the exciting runway footage of the 2015 Platinum Fashion Festival.


  online application

NWSD Campus


Online Application

NWSD's Campus Is the perfect Environment to learn and Grow as you embark on your journey to your fashion dreams! Take a look here!


Apply to NWSD today, with our easy, quick online application! Your fashion dreams are just one click away.

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