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Get your 2015 #PFF tickets now!

How to Apply at #NWSD

Get your tickets to NWSD’s biggest fashion event ever the 2015 Platinum Fashion Festival you don’t want to miss this! Get your tickets here

At NWSD we know how complicated the application process can be when applying to study at an institution we have simplified the process for more info click here


Get your entries in for the 2015 Gert-Johan Coetzee Bursary!

NWSD Work Through The Night 2015

The annual Gert Johan Coetzee Bursary is now open! Get your entries in who knows this just might be your year! For more info click here

The annual Work Through The Night forms part of the build up to the Platinum Fashion Festival. It's a night filled with hard work and most often a lot of fun! Click here to see what went down.



NWSD Campus


Hot Off the Press

NWSD’s campus is the perfect environment to get creative and learn Take a look at our Beautiful campus here.


All the latest news and announcements from the 2015 Platinum Fashion Festival. Click here to stay up to date!


17 Year Success Story

In March of 1999 classes first began at North West School of Design with only one faculty member and a group of students you could probably only count with one hand, no one could see how far this learning institution would come except for maybe the visionary who founded it, Marlene Oosthuizen. To read more click here
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