Part Time Fashion Design

  • Course duration: March to December.
    Tuesdays & Thursdays – 17h30 to 19h00

    • Attendance registers are kept
    • Students do not qualify for a certificate if more than 25% of lecturing has been missed over the duration of the course due to absenteeism without medical certificate.
  • Fee structures, material-and-equipment requirements are available by submitting your contact details on the CONTACT US page or email us:
    • A portfolio of work is not compulsory, but is an advantage.
    • Prior training in sewing and art are not admission requirements.
    • Candidates must read, write and understand English
  • Module 1:             Introduction to fashion
    Includes Design Principles, Garment Illustration, Textiles, Garment Costing and Basic Pattern drafting for the individual figure.

    Module 2:             Pattern Making
    Engineer (design, plan and construct) patterns for blouses, skirts, pants, sleeves, collars & necklines.  Apply practical skills of pattern manipulation.

    Module 3:             Garment Construction:

    Cutting & Sewing of various garment components:  Collars, facings, zips, fly’s, seams, hems, etc enabling students to sew at least 3 garments within 6 months of study.

    Module 4:             Fashion Show
    The annual Graduation Fashion show forms part of an Awards Ceremony at year-end. Part time Students design & make a one garment range to showcase at the annual fashion show.   Design, cost and plan.  Mark, plan and cut fabrics.  Assemble complete garments.

    Module 5:             Corset Design and Making
    Based on a book by Principal Marlene Oosthuizen, students learn all technical, creative and constructional techniques of making corsets

    Module 6:             Open Module
    All work and assignments completed by students will be moderated by external assessors (Moderation dates:  27 & 29 November 2012), but students will make use of the scheduled open modules to update all moderation assignments with lecturer guidance and assistance

    Optional modules to add: (Add on courses)
    –           Lingerie                                  –  Shoe Design
    –           Soft Tailoring                       –  Window Dressing
    –           Make u’re own denim       –  Theatrical Costume Design
    –           Bridal Couture                     –  Fundamentals of Jewelry Design
    –           Fashion Photography       –  Fashion Events Management

The part time fashion course is partially based on the following SAQA unit standards
SAQA Reg. Nr. Unit Standard Title
12417 Measure, estimate & calculate
physical quantities & explore, critique & prove geometrical relationships in 2 and 3 dimensional space