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X!act Correspondence Pattern Designing
Complete this correspondence course in your own time with the help of the award winning X!act Design Patternmaker™


Initially designed to address identified needs of North West School of Design students to offer a tool for drafting basic block pattern that is accurate accessible and cost effective.

This product has been researched & developed over 18 months and used in real situations over a period of 8 years to ensure 100% accuracy.

And this product is used by…

  • Students of North West School of Design
  • Graduates starting as Professional Designers
  • Small clothing manufacturing businesses
  • Community sewing groups
  • Home Sewers
  • Students of other Design Institutes

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The Results
A portable technical tool that offers:

  • Accuracy 
    Makes perfect fit garmetns for any size, shape or style for men, women, children and maternity wear.
  • Simplicity
    No previous experience Neccessary
  • User Friendly
    Easy to follow written and visual instructions makes for easy understanding and application
  • Versatility
    Technology & Experience available at:
    – Home sewers
    – Small Business
    – Training Institutions
    – Professional Designers

Designs created using the Design Patternmaker™



Use of Design Patternmaker™ increases – Capacity, skills levels & profit margins
Use of Design Patternmaker™ decreases – Error, Waste and Expenses

– Tops (Bodice, blouse, shirt)
– Bottoms (Skirt, Trousers)
– Armholes
– Sleeves
– Necklines
– Crotch
– Waist
– Hiplines

All of which can be adjusted to X!act Measurements

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