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Xact Design patternmaker kit

The kit consist of

– The X!act Design Patternmaker™, designed and patented by Marlene Oosthuizen.
– The Basic Block Manual, author Marlene Oosthuizen, ISBN 978-0-620-50909-1
– Training DVD set

Xact Design Pattern Maker Kit - Consist of

Making Patterns X!act , By Stacey Grant, Fashion student
Fun, exciting, confidence-boosting, time saving and easy are but a few words that are now synonymous with my experience using the X!act Patternmaker.

At the thought of constructing patterns, my mind would simply spin and my head explode as I always thought it would take very long to construct and the process extremely complicated. I was also under the impression that I would become bored very quickly.

To my surprise, I experienced the exact opposite. This amazing patternmaker is very user friendly as it has a step-by-step instructional video and booklet that accompanies it.

On the X!act Patternmaker itself, there are markings that help guide one in completing the various patterns. These are distinct and correspond directly to the steps in the instructional DVD and booklet- all neatly packaged in a carry bag.
The outstanding X!act Patternmaker was designed by the North West School of Design’s principal, Marlene Oosthuizen, in 2002 and was patented in 2003.

It was also named product of the year by the South African International Trade Exhibition (SAITEX) in the same year and has received numerous design awards.

The X!act Patternmaker has been featured in several publications such as Woman’s Value Magazine, Leisure Books, The Engineering News, The Business Day Newspaper and the Pursuit Clothing and Textiles Magazine to name but a few.

One of the features of this remarkable product is that one can construct a basic block pattern in less than sixty seconds- a true time-saver. Another feature is that it enables one to construct thirty-three block patterns.

Fulltime and part-time students at the North West School of Design as well as students from other tertiary institutions make use of this award-winning product as part of their curriculum.

The pattern designing- and the corset designing correspondence courses at the North West School of Design make full use of the X!act Patternmaker and these are of the most popular offered at the school. For more information and ordering details, please visit the North West School of Design website at www.northwestschoolofdesign.co.za.

As a first year, studying Fashion Management and Communication, I felt very intimidated by the thought of having to construct patterns, but after being introduced and exposed to this remarkable product, my intimidation has been soothed and my vision for this part of the curriculum has been adjusted to one of positivity and excitement.

Other first year students studying BA Design have also described the use of the X!act Patternmaker as a phenomenal tool in enhancing their creative abilities. Here is more of what they had to say:

“The time and effort it must have taken to perfect the design of this product amazes me.” – Leandi van Staden
“This patternmaker is very easy to work with and the corresponding steps in the booklet help make it easier to draw up the patterns.” – Mamotse Seane
“The best feature of this patternmaker is the markings on it as they are clear and precise allowing my patterns to always come out correctly.” – Marisca Koekemoer

Clearly a revolutionary step in the future of pattern construction in the fashion industry: I highly recommend this sensational tool to anyone- from home dressmaker, entrepreneur and students to fashion designers.

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