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NWSD has recently celebrated 25 years of training South Africa’s top designers and fashion professionals, such as Gert Johan Coetzee, Anel Botha and many more. 

From 2013, NWSD provided the South African fashion industry aspirants the opportunity to gain certification from the internationally recognised City and Guilds in fashion design or fashion buying and communications. As per the DHET, it is unfortunate that City and Guilds is no longer recognized in South Africa as of 2018 – this has provided an opportunity for NWSD to reinvent the brand and become aligned to the HEQSF at an appropriate NQF level. Through research and commitment, NWSD has designed a 3 year course IN FASHION DESIGN which has been submitted for accreditation. Two additional, one-year fulltime courses are extracted from the 3-year fulltime course. These new courses are presented from January 2023.

NWSD is Accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC) as an International Centre. 

The achievement was awarded after the school underwent a rigorous evaluation process as well as an inspection by the BAC Inspectors from the UK.  This International Accreditation is just one step in ensuring that the school’s approach to teaching and learning is recognised and quality assured providing our students with a better platform to launch their careers in the fashion industry.  

The British Accreditation Council (BAC) provides a comprehensive quality assurance scheme for independent further and higher education in the UK. BAC accreditation is recognised the world over by students, agents, and government officials as the clearest mark of educational quality in the private sector.

The BAC is a member organisation of the European Association for Quality Assurance (ENQA) in Higher Education. 


North West School Of Design aims to provide the ever evolving fashion industry with high performing entrepreneurial graduates that show distinction, excellence and continuously develop mastery levels in technical skill sets and business acumen to achieve success professionally in the fashion world.


  • To impart comprehensive technical and entrepreneurial based education with practical experiences that addresses all aspects of the fashion industry.
  • To produce culturally diverse graduates who can compete globally and succeed intellectually and professionally in the walk of life of the hurtle fashion industry.
  • To forever be an esteemed, credible and impactful contributor to the global fashion industry, enriching the lives of others through distinct personal growth, and high-performance culture.

NWSD does not only offer an exceedingly recognized 3-year course in fashion but also offers various short courses, online courses, and portable skills training.

The 3-year Fulltime course in Fashion aims to provide the technical skillsets and practical techniques. The course aims to equip aspirant fashion designers with the mind-set and skill set that enables them to conceptualize ideas, create blueprint patterns and, construct apparel by applying finishing techniques to production processes. It also aims to provide understanding of the core theoretical principles and practices that are integrated into the business of fashion, encouraging an entrepreneurial mindset able to justify the impact of the fashion world in driving international markets and globalization. Graduates entering the industry have a variety of career options available and gain valuable exposure through real-world work integrated learning experiences throughout the three years.

The 1-year Fashion Design course is the first year extracted from the 3-year course, provides a structured introduction into the world of fashion design and an understanding of the business of fashion. The course equips participants with practical skillsets and theoretical understanding of fashion design principles. By using the award-winning X!act Design Patternmaker™, you are able to create patterns and then construct apparel you have designed. You are also equipped with the insights needed to succeed in the business of fashion and encouraged to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to further your education by gaining access to the 3-year  for those who wish to further advance their skillsets and aptitude. Graduates entering the industry have a variety of career options available and gain valuable exposure through real-world work integrated learning experiences at the NWSD Platinum Fashion Festival.


NWSD offers a variety of short courses, such as Part-time Fashion Design, Sewing, Runway Modelling, etc. In the efforts to make our short courses more affordable, the NWSD short courses are offered as non-credit bearing courses, as these courses are not unit-standard based. Student therefore receive a non-credit bearing certificate after completing the short course.

The online courses can be completed in your own time with the help of the award winning X!act Design Patternmaker™. This patternmaking tool was initially designed to address identified needs of North West School of Design students, this tool is used for drafting basic block patterns that are accurate, accessible and cost effective, but the Patternmaker is now used by many fashion professionals and fashion schools.


The NWSD Portable Skills Training is an offsite, short course training, composing of sewing, sketching etc, done on your own turf. This training is designed to suit the needs of the group which should consist of no less than 8 individuals.

The highly esteemed and sought after, Platinum Fashion Festival was founded and is hosted by the NWSD, with students and staff collaborating as event managers and designers. The Platinum Fashion Festival has grown into one of the leading fashion industry event of every year since its birth.

The North West School of Design is situated in the City of the People – Klerksdorp, North West. Together with Rustenburg, Klerksdorp forms the economic heart of the Platinum Province, the North West Province.