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Fulltime Course Application

If you have any queries regarding this application, please contact us telephonically on +27 18 462 5149 or email Charles Once the application has been accepted by NWSD, the student &/or parent will be notified telephonically and by email. The Registration Contract and Student Number will only be issued once the registration fee has been paid.


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    Part 2 - Preliminary Exam

    • Applicants must obtain a score of 75% for this Online exam to complete the full application.

    • You must answer all the questions in the examination.

    • You have to answer all the questions in the examination.

    • Read each question thoroughly, before answering.

    • You are permitted to use a calculator.

    • 10 mm = 1 cm, 20 mm = 2 cm and so forth.

    • If ½ means divide by two, then 1/5th means divide by five, then 2/5th means divide by 5 and multiply by 2.

    • Relax, enjoy and good luck!

    Question 1

    1. To succeed in the fashion industry, you must be able to recognize and predict trends. Otherwise, you risk creating or retailing designs that are not accepted by your target market. Look at these images. Which one of these images is NOT a peak trend for the 2020/2021 Summer Fashion Season?

    A Checked Fabrics

    Cigarette Pants

    Animal Prints

    Bucket Hats

    Select 1 (required)

    Question 2

    In the fashion industry it is important to understand different body types and different styles of clothing and the shape the clothing gives. Match the following silhouette with the Pictures. Please note that more options are given than what is required. Add the symbol (A/B/C) in the box underneath the pictures that describes the silhouette.
    A - A-line Silhouette | B - Hourglass Silhouette | C - Mermaid Silhouette





    Question 3

    Question 4

    Answer the following mathematical calculations

    Question 5

    Given the following celebrity outfits, what would you change (if anything) about each outfit before allowing it on the Red carpet?




    I agree to be added to email list and WhatsApp group as utilized by North West School of Design regarding communication regarding this application process. This includes adding my details to WhatsApp group as well as email lists.